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Why do we work for Pragmateam?

What’s it like to work for Pragmateam? Who better to hear from than some of our awesome Pragmatists…

If we had to summarise Pragmateam, it would be “a bunch of talented software engineers that love helping clients deliver and learn while being a tight-knit family that is always supportive of one another
— Some Pragmatist
Celebrating our 4th anniversary 🥂

Pragmateam Culture

At Pragmateam we come to work because we’re driven by helping people. We help our clients and we help each other.

We have a continuous culture of learning and hold fortnightly brown bags and learning lunches for our team.

We thank each other via an internal #pragmathanks program. These #pragmathanks credits are used for training and courses of your choice. To read more about #pragmathanks and to understand our ways of working read this blog post.

Skills we look for

Full Stack Software Engineer (React or Node.js)

Sydney or Porto Alegre

Software engineer with demonstrable experience with either AngularJS, React or Node.js:

  • 2+ years commercial experience with Javascript frameworks, could include Node.js

  • 4+ years experience in software development

  • Experience in frontend and backend technologies (even if at different levels)

  • Experience with responsive web apps and HTML/CSS (if primarily a frontend candidate)

  • Solid experience writing automated tests (unit, integration and end-to-end) and an interest in TDD

  • Solid experience refactoring code, ability to describe different refactoring techniques

  • Regularly utilises and has worked in teams that use XP practices (eg. CI, TDD, pairing, small releases)

  • Experience with Object Oriented programming

  • Able to discuss design patterns and their applicability to different problems and solutions

  • Awareness of distributed architectures and micro-services

  • Nice to have: Public GitHub or BitBucket repo

You will be passionate about digital product development. You have experience working within Agile teams where your role is to understand the product and features as much as it is to deliver on requirements. You should be comfortable actively collaborating with QA’s, BA’s and UX team members, not just coding to requirements.

Delivery Lead


  • Lead Agile delivery team, providing leadership and pragmatic structure

  • Understand and demonstrate how Agile works at team level

  • Coach and mentor team members when required

  • Lead inception workshops to break down and plan upcoming work

  • Be hands-on when required, a “doer” not a “manager”

  • Be a champion for continuous improvement, with a focus on team/organisation health

  • Have the ‘war stories’ of a similar role for 2+ years

Refer a Friend

Pragmateam is built upon the foundations of great people working together. We have created our team primarily through our existing and trusted network.

So, if our open roles don't apply immediately to you, but you would like to refer a friend, we welcome your recommendation. In return we will provide a $5,000 finder's fee should your referral be successful.

Contact us today to share their details.

Building great APIs with Mike Amundsen - Amsterdam, 2019

Building great APIs with Mike Amundsen - Amsterdam, 2019

Pragmateam offsite - Copacabana, 2019

Pragmateam offsite - Copacabana, 2019


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