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Our Services

Pragmateam provides Agile transformation, coaching and delivery services, assisting both private and public organisations to work in a more efficient way, leading to better outcomes for end users. We also offer targeted training in Agile practice and organisational transformation, aimed at improving organisations' self-sufficiency in Agile,

We have led transformation initiatives in large government agencies and corporate organisations. We are passionate about supporting leadership to achieve their strategic goals, while working closely with the teams on the ground to increase their capability through delivery. It is this holistic, invested approach that ensures the transformation process is successful.

Pragmateam's practical approach to transformation is driven by our multi-skilled team of practitioners, whose expertise has been gained through years of hands-on experience across high performing industries.

Pragmateam Services - Transformation Coaching Delivery

To support your transformation and delivery needs, we use our proprietary framework and processes as a starting point and then work with you to tailor these accordingly. Our impact is immediate and highly effective because we work as part of your teams, sharing a strong mutual commitment to each team's delivery success.

Regardless of your starting point we will help you build and deliver a transformation strategy which takes account of where you are today and lays a strong foundation for your vision of the future. 

Our Values

At Pragmateam we apply a pragmatic approach to Agile transformation, coaching and delivery. We do not try to force your company into a prescriptive model or approach, but take your context into account to ensure a smoother - and ultimately more successful - change trajectory.

Pragmateam Values - Pragmatic Delivery Outcomes Empathy Being Agile

Rather than training teams how to do Agile according to a standardised framework, we coach individuals and teams how to be agile. Becoming agile is a behavioural process, leading to cultural change. It is supported by the adoption of practices, rather than constrained by them.

Our Approach

Non-purist, fit for purpose implementation of agile techniques

Non-purist, fit for purpose implementation of agile techniques

Treat agile as a toolkit, we leverage techniques relative to the problem at hand

Treat agile as a toolkit, we leverage techniques relative to the problem at hand

Evolve and mature sophistication of techniques over time

Evolve and mature sophistication of techniques over time

Repeatable and scalable

Repeatable and scalable

Standardised, yet encourage experimentation

Standardised, yet encourage experimentation

Setting our people up for success - see one, do one, teach one  

Setting our people up for success - see one, do one, teach one


Evolving through a 4-stage process, our approach is reflective of the team and individuals' maturity and needs over time.

Team members learn new practices as they go and immediately apply them to the current stage of their project. This ensures an understanding of the “why”, the underlying principles and values, not just the practise itself and helps sustain the knowledge.


We have a deep understanding of a variety of methodologies including Scrum, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and XP as well as experience in Lean, Kanban and Systems Thinking.

Through experience, we have come to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and will collaborate with you to create a customised framework that works within the context of your organisation. 

We will then coach your people on how to work together in an agile way, understanding and living the Agile principles rather than merely following a framework.

Pragmateam - Our Experence Systems Thinking, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, XP

Our Clients

We have a wealth of collective experience in Agile transformation and delivery in Australia and internationally, having assisted many organisations in their endeavour to rapidly adapt within a disruptive market.

Our Team

All Pragmateam consultants have deep experience across coaching and delivery within a diverse range of industries and countries. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve both their strategic and tactical goals, whilst working closely with the teams to enable sustainable capability uplift.


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