One of Pragmateam's core objectives is that "learning and experimentation is recognised as an integral part of our culture".

Mid 2016 we found that people were regularly bringing this objective to life, whether it be experimenting with new techniques, organising a learning lunch, presenting at meetups, all with a positive impact on the rest of the team. But we were lacking a way to naturally yet formally thank, reward and recognise each other.

With the introduction of PragmaThanks we now have a cadence to allow reflection and public acknowledgement:

  • Day to day make a public shoutout on Slack using “PragmaThanks @gtramontina for organising Friday’s Dojo, so many learnings on TDD.
  • All PragmaThanks are automatically logged within a Google Sheet
  • At our 8 weekly offsite we lead with the PragmaThanks ceremony, each formally rewarded PragmaPoint, is gifted as $100 for the recipient to spend on education, conferences, subscriptions

PragmaThanks has been incredibly successful, so much so that “PragmaThanks” has formed part of our vocab, both verbally and within Slack dialogue. In our two months we collectively shared 130 PragmaThanks. Below are examples of the great work from the team.


PragmaThanks to @sarahvako @juliano for bringing us together as Pragma, pushing us forward to do good things :tada:


PragmaThanks to @willmendesneto for pushing cross-team communication for stories in dev!


PragmaThanks @wagnernunes for the focus and push on getting the Accounts metrics up in a screen so the team is more aware of the real things it is delivering


PragmaThanks @gtramontina and @fagnerbrack for YOW! shareback today at lunch. Lots of great insights and learnings


PragmaThanks @rodolfoprr and @ronaldo for organizing the Clean Code knowledge sharing session


PragmaThanks @kathleen for an insightful workshop, feedback afterwards and sharing your last muesli bar in times of desperation :)


PragmaThanks @gtramontina for bringing Woody Zuill to us.


PragmaThanks @dominik for experimenting on us today with the flash cards :ear::monkey_face: