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Contextually relevant,
not generic

We are Agile agnostic, adapting our training programs to deliver on your specific needs, approach, environment and required outcomes.

Hands on and

We simulate a real scenario, allowing participants to experience an initiative discovery, followed by multiple sprints working as a team.

Coaching, not
just training

By bringing our day-to-day experience on implementing Agile, we have richer conversations about how to apply learnings straight away.

Training - Agile Delivery Team

Agile for Teams - 2 Days

Team is our unit of delivery. Having clarity and alignment of mindset and practices is key to work successfully together towards a shared objective. 

Our most popular course, Agile for Teams provides a level-set in knowledge among everyone who is a member of a team using Agile. The course equips the participants with a common understanding of the central tenets of Agile practice, and supports them in working as a team to form a practical framework for implementing Agile in daily team operations.


Up to 15 attendees | $16,000+GST

Training - Fundamentals.png

Agile Fundamentals

A compressed version of our 2-day Agile for Teams course, Agile Fundamentals is a fantastic introductory course for increasing Agile awareness within your organisation.

You will be introduced to the principles and practices of Agile, baselining approach, roles and responsibilities and terminology, and preparing you to work more effectively in an Agile environment both in terms of practices as well as mindset.

Training - Scrum Master Delivery Manager

Scrum Master

Responsible for defining and meeting deliverables on a daily basis, as well as shaping the overarching cadence of product development and delivery, the Scrum Master is a vital operational role in any organisation’s Agile workforce.

Leveraging a variety of industry best practice methodologies, this training course will arm you with both the techniques and behaviours needed to lead an Agile delivery team.

Training - Leadership in Agile

Product Owner

The Product Owner role is a vital component of Agile practice, and one that is often misconstrued in an organisation’s move to Agile.

Leveraging industry best practice methodologies, this training course will arm you with the techniques you need to balance the competing demands of user needs, maximising ROI, inspiring your delivery team and managing stakeholder expectations.

Leadership in Agile

The success of establishing an Agile culture in any workplace comes down to competent Agile-focused leadership.

This training course arms you with the techniques and behaviours needed for you to lead your team’s successful transition to Agile ways of working. You will understand how your role evolves in an Agile environment and have a clear understanding of the change management needed to support your team through the transformation journey.

Delivering to the
Digital Service Standard

The Digital Service Standard ensures teams build services that are simpler, clearer and faster for all users.

With five accredited DSS Assessors in Pragmateam, we draw on our first-hand knowledge to help your agency feel confident in introducing the DSS into your daily ways of working, including leading self-assessments to drive sustainable, continuous improvement.

Scaled Agile in Government

The true benefits of Agile are realised when transformation occurs organisation-wide.

Having implemented Agile fundamentals within your team, this training course introduces you to the broader and more complex practices of Agile at scale in a Government context. You will learn a range of techniques you can use to implement Agile across the enterprise, including portfolio management, governance, funding, integration and demand/value management.

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