Our Training Approach


All our coaches work with delivery teams and leaders when they are not training. We bring the training to life with real war stories and case studies.


We are Agile agnostic, adapting our training programs to deliver on your specific needs, approach, environment and required outcomes.


Throughout our training courses you will experience Agile ways of working through simulations, exercises and discussion.

Popular Courses

Agile in Practice

Foster an Agile mindset, gain confidence in using tools and techniques to work effectively with your team and advocate for Agile ways of working.

Beyond Scrum

Go beyond the realms of Agile, expand your toolkit to communicate more effectively and influentially, and be able to support scaling efforts.

Agile for Teams

Bring your team for a 2 day Agile deep-dive based on your organisational context. Learn through case studies and project simulation.

Our Other Courses

Scrum Master

Responsible for defining and meeting deliverables on a daily basis, as well as shaping the overarching cadence of product development and delivery, the Scrum Master is a vital operational role in any organisation’s Agile workforce.

Leveraging a variety of industry best practice methodologies, this training course will arm you with both the techniques and behaviours needed to lead an Agile delivery team.

Product Owner

The Product Owner role is a vital component of Agile practice, and one that is often misconstrued in an organisation’s move to Agile.

Leveraging industry best practice methodologies, this training course will arm you with the techniques you need to balance the competing demands of user needs, maximising ROI, inspiring your delivery team and managing stakeholder expectations.

Leadership in Agile

The success of establishing an Agile culture in any workplace comes down to competent Agile-focused leadership.

This training course arms you with the techniques and behaviours needed for you to lead your team’s successful transition to Agile ways of working. You will understand how your role evolves in an Agile environment and have a clear understanding of the change management needed to support your team through the transformation journey.

Delivering to the Digital Service Standard

The Digital Service Standard ensures teams build services that are simpler, clearer and faster for all users.

With five accredited DSS Assessors in Pragmateam, we draw on our first-hand knowledge to help your agency feel confident in introducing the DSS into your daily ways of working, including leading self-assessments to drive sustainable, continuous improvement.

Scaled Agile in Government

The true benefits of Agile are realised when transformation occurs organisation-wide.

Having implemented Agile fundamentals within your team, this training course introduces you to the broader and more complex practices of Agile at scale in a Government context. You will learn a range of techniques you can use to implement Agile across the enterprise, including portfolio management, governance, funding, integration and demand/value management.

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