Fagner Brack

Fagner Brack

Fagner Brack

Software Engineer

Fagner is passionate about software development and engineering. He loves building things.

He is a strong believer that for a project to stand out you need to build something that really makes the difference with 2 things in mind: quality and maintainability. The world is changing every day and you should be able to adapt your mindset for such changes no matter the situation.

Fagner is incredibly active in the developer community, watching and participating in the open source community to stay in touch with new technologies and practices, always aiming to see far, standing on the shoulders of giants.

He also has a blog, where he posts frequently about software engineering fundamentals, such as over-engineering and code that doesn't exist.

As an engineer, Fagner believes the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Full CV at Stackoverflow.

Online presence at fagnerbrack.me.


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