From post it to prototype - Agile Tour 2018

Last week Sarah and I were honoured to run a workshop at Agile Tour. Our workshop posed the challenge to attendees to go “From post it to prototype in 90 min”. Could we go through Discovery and Alpha, from problem statement to paper prototype, including introducing a product delivery framework, a simulated scenario and a toolkit of techniques to use.

Nurturing Culture, Distributed Growth - October Offsite

Nurturing Culture, Distributed Growth - October Offsite

Every two months we come together again as a team for our PragmaOffsite. Given our recent growth, now 26 Pragmatists, across 4 clients and 2 cities, the challenge we set ourselves to address at the offsite was:

How do we maintain our culture and close connection to each other while we continue to grow, irrespective of where our team mates are located or which client they are partnering with?

Sprint Planning - A Straightforward Conversation

Sprint Planning is one of the well-known “ceremonies” within the Scrum framework. While at Pragmateam we absolutely see the value in planning, we typically approach Sprint Planning from a perspective of flow. The question we want to answer during sprint planning: How do we use the weekly/fortnightly conversation to continue the momentum of the previous sprint?

Spice up your Retro - A challenge to all practitioners

We argue that Retrospectives are the most essential of all Agile practices. Not only do they embody the agile purpose of continuous improvement, they also create a learning culture. They are the engine that drives teams to perform better over time. Retrospectives should happen at regular intervals, which means they should be repetitive in occurrence. But they should not be repetitive in nature.

Why are most meetings still so ineffective?

Everyone knows what an effective meeting looks like, what factors prevent and contribute to one. So why don’t effective meetings occur more often? Why is it still the stuff of Dilbert comics and prompts a knowing smile from everyone in the room when the topic comes up?