Maintaining Our Culture

When talking to future Pragmateam members we proudly talk through what differentiates us from other consultancies. The “team” in Pragmateam is critical to us and our culture. We are a collective of like-minded practitioners who are all inquisitive, continually looking to experiment and learn. And we acknowledge that working together as a team will get better results for us personally, our clients and their customers.

As we have grown from 5 to 14 over the last year we have been incredibly mindful of ensuring we balance growth - both the number of people within the team and the number of clients we are working across. We work hard to ensure that we don’t become fragmented and therefore form sub-cultures within Pragmateam, losing the “team” within Pragmateam.

Our cadence

We have implemented an internal cadence, providing regular touch points for meaningful conversations. While only 6 months into the new cadence, we are seeing the benefits and the strong comradery within Pragmateam, irrespective of which client engagement our people are working on.


Every week

A team ‘start the week’ 45 minute session to share our goals for the week, any planned experiments we will run with the teams, key events happening at the client, Pragmateam or within the community. It is also a touchpoint to ask for support from each other on specific challenges.

We also run weekly Tech Dojo sessions with client team members, a great way to learn from each other, experiment with new technologies and have deeper conversations about best practices.

Every two weeks

Every two weeks all of Pragmateam come back together for a learning lunch, often attended by alumni as well. Topics range from lightning talks, learnings from conferences, or testing out a new technique.

Every other week we also run a technical brown bag, that allows us to deep dive into industry trends and practices.

Every eight weeks

Every eight weeks, instead of a learning lunch, we have a half-day off site. We take a step back to reflect on the past eight weeks, recognise how we supported each other through #PragmaThanks and evaluate whether we are on track to meet our OKRs. Most recently we ran a Hackday to improve our productivity and well-being.

We are continuously experimenting with the cadence and mixup the topics we want to tackle frequently. But whatever the topic, we focus on learning together as a team.