Pragmateam OKRs - 2nd Iteration

At our recent PragmaOffsite we took the time to revisit our 12 month old OKRs. While these OKRs have served us well, we felt it was time to evolve them further, allowing them to reflect our next horizon; balancing the growth of Pragmateam (now across multiple clients, cities and countries), while also nurturing our culture.

We are now two weeks into using our draft OKRs captured below. Like all experiments, we're using this initial phase as an opportunity to test and learn, validate if the OKRs need further tweaking, while also establishing a rhythm on how/when we regroup as a team to discuss progress.

Thoughts or questions? Experiences on using OKRs within your own team? We always welcome the opportunity to share and learn from others. Reach out today.

Objective 1: Cultivate a learning environment, facilitating continuous improvement

  1. Every fortnightly learning lunch has a lightning talk
  2. All talks/learning opportunities are videod and shared with company wide Pragmatists

  3. Regular (fortnightly/monthly) guilds are held, providing opportunity for all Pragmatists to attend, irrespective of their location

Objective 2: Staying connected to each other, deliberately creating opportunities to create and nurture culture

  1. Consciously maintain cadence of our internal ceremonies (Start of Week, Learning Lunches, Back to Base, PragmaOffsite)

  2. Guilds use digital tools (i.e. hangouts) on alternating sessions, allowing integration of all Pragmatists irrespective of their location

  3. Buddy System - all new starters are paired with a buddy at their client, assisting with their onboarding into the client

  4. Buddy System - all new starters are paired with one buddy outside their client, assisting with their onboarding into Pragmateam

  5. Three monthly PragmaTour - everyone visits at least one other client 

  6. Six monthly PragmaExchange - everyone spends a week/day in another client

  7. Twelve monthly PragmaConference - face to face gathering of all global Pragmatists

Objective 3: Give back to the community

  1. 10 meetups/conferences attended by Pragmatists each month

  2. 3 blog posts/presentation/brown bag by Pragmatists each month 

  3. Measure number of approaches from articles we’ve written/events we’ve  sponsored/conferences we’ve attended

  4. Mentoring of kids/students/unemployed on our skillsets 

  5. Pro-bono, short-term project for others, upskill them in the process