Nurturing Culture, Distributed Growth - October Offsite

Every two months we come together again as a team for our PragmaOffsite. Given our recent growth, now 26 Pragmatists, across 4 clients and 2 cities, the challenge we set ourselves to address at the offsite was:

How do we maintain our culture and close connection to each other while we continue to grow, irrespective of where our team mates are located or which client they are partnering with? We knew to do this we'd need to revisit our mission, iterate on our OKRs and evolve our cadence.

Or, to lean on Woody Zuill, how do we Turn Up The Good of our culture?

To kick us off our Pragmatists in Porto Alegre, Brazil joined us to workshop through Pragmateam's Mission and Pitch. Given we have a number of new team mates across Pragmateam, this session provided a great opportunity to gather new input, iterate on our learnings and align everyone in preparation for our next horizon of work. 

#PragmaThanks to our Brazil team mates for staying back late. We're committed to tight and regular collaboration being the norm for our distributed offices.

We also welcomed our PragmaFriends from Perth, Jeanne and Michael, who joined us throughout the workshops and shared two lightning talks. #PragmaThanks for the inspiration, insight into why even Richard Branson is careful, and awareness about the importance and wonder of unicorns!

As tradition has it, we welcomed our new team mates, Phil, Robyn, JD, Julie and Derek, now complete with t-shirts sporting their favourite quote.

Acknowledging that our existing OKRs, now 12 months old, have served their purpose, we set out to revisit and evolve our next horizon OKRs. Throughout the afternoon we ran an interactive workshop, resulting in a drafted set of OKRs, which we plan to finalise and start working towards in the next fortnight.

Stay tuned for a upcoming dedicated blog post, where we will share our 2018 OKRs.