Partnering with Hey You - Agile within Startup

There is a common perception that startups have the luxury of not requiring process rigour. They have the flexibility to deliver what they want, when they want, wing it if you like! Wrong.

Startups have much to benefit from leveraging the discipline Agile has to offer. Unlike their big rich cousin organisations, Startups are challenged daily; spend every dollar wisely, make the most of every opportunity and run a tight ship. There are no excuses, nor unnecessary roles to hide behind, everyone has a clear purpose.

Late 2015 enter Hey You, a well known Sydney startup, who had achieved great things already. Ambition and passion were inherent in Hey You’s DNA, but as they welcomed their next 6 months of funding, they knew they had to do better. There was a desire to increase focus, sense of urgency, ownership and visibility of ALL work across the entire company.

I asked other business leaders for advice; everyone had encountered the same challenge. Managing teams that innovate nimbly is difficult.

Hey You partnered with Pragmateam, stripped Agile back to it’s lean basics, introduced a regular heart beat to their Product Visioning and Inception, increased delivery discipline, re-energised their way of working and constructed an invaluable wall, visualising the end to end flow of work across the company.

One year on, Hey You features in the Financial Review, a write up by Hey You co-founder Rebekah Campbell on the positive impacts of the improvements introduced.

Case Study on a Page

A summary of our approach is captured below; understanding the challenges, opportunities to improve and resulting impact on the team, product and end user.

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