Pragmateam to Spotify - Good Luck Hayley

It felt like only yesterday when Hayley joined Pragmateam. I met Hayley for the first time when she joined one of our team lunches in order to meet the team before deciding to join us. We obviously left a positive impression as the following week she was a colleague, rather than yet another coach known through 6-degrees of separation.

An inspiring example of servant leadership and humility

Thinking about Hayley there are a couple of characteristics that stand out to me, these being servant leadership and humility.

Hayley is a servant leader through and through; nicknamed 'the calm facilitator', Hayley's approach to facilitating and coaching was to put herself second to the team; quietly coaxing detail, energy and enthusiasm from the people in the room, she not only helped the team achieve their shared objectives but left them feeling it was all their own work.

Hayley’s humility showed itself whenever she was in a group setting: whether running a workshop, or leading us in an exercise, she was able to lead and direct extremely well; yet take her out of those situations and she was just part of the gang.

Good Luck Hayley

An Agile Coach at Spotify

While we are sorry to see her go, we’re actually really excited for Hayley! Looking to move closer back to her family in the UK, Hayley is jetting around the globe to Stockholm, joining Spotify as an Agile Coach - what an awesome opportunity.

All of us at Pragmateam wish Hayley all the best and look forward to staying in touch through our Alumni group!

Good luck Hayley!